Online and Phone Coaching

How does online coaching work?

How does online coaching work

All of the support I provide is delivered by phone or online via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom (whatever your preference is). You simply book online.  I will send you the joining instructions based on your preferred method of meeting.  And at the appointed time, you settle down somewhere comfortable and quiet, with a cup of coffee and a note pad (both optional) and I'll call you.

Sessions last 60 minutes and following each one, you will receive an email.  The email will detail what we discussed, the actions we agreed and anything else that came up.  Maybe a book or website recommendation, a nice recipe to support your diet!

If you book a free 30 minute consultation session the arrangements are exactly the same.  The only difference being that following our discussion, if you decide that you do not wish to work with me, all of the notes that I take during our session will be securely destroyed after 30 days have passed. You will receive no further contact from me. That's a promise.