What is Coaching?

What Does Coaching Involve?

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Coaching is a conversation

It will be a focussed conversation, and you will do most of the talking. The conversation will be confidential, encouraging, supportive and challenging.

I will listen

I will ask questions. I will nudge you in the right direction but you will be in control. I will try and make you think about your situation. I will encourage you to identify your goals and I will help you move towards your goals.

You might get a bit emotional

You might feel some anger or frustration as you work things through - but that's all okay. You may equally feel elated and empowered, ready to take on the world and smash your ambitions - that's what we are aiming for after all!

You may only need to talk to me once or you may need to talk to me many times.

You are in the driving seat. You can talk through your plans, you can bounce ideas off me, voice your concerns and worries, celebrate your achievements. And I'm there for you Like an old friend, you can keep coming back to me, when you need a boost, a helping hand to move past another bump in the road to your vision of success.

And that's it

A conversation. Perhaps several conversations. All. About. You.