Overcome Worry and Fear – Facing COVID-19 the right way

Worry and Fear

What worries you most about the virus?  Take a moment to think about it.  I’m certain that your mind immediately filled with concerns about health, money, boredom, employment – a whole host of worries waiting there on standby to flood in on request.  Anxiety and fear that pours into your mind as easily as water from a tap. Continue reading “Overcome Worry and Fear – Facing COVID-19 the right way”

Fear of the Future – Why worry?

Why worry?

Why is it that we spend so much time worrying about the future?  I am as guilty as the next person.  I felt sick to my stomach every time I thought about my son sitting his GCSE’s from 1stJanuary right through to the very first day of his exams.  I made myself feel so stressed, imagining every kind of awful scenario that could potentially happen.

And where did it get me exactly?  Nowhere! Continue reading “Fear of the Future – Why worry?”

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Living in your comfort zone

Imagine spending thousands of pounds to build a beautiful home, that is everything your dreamed it could be….and then not living in it.  Crazy right? Now imagine the investment of time, effort and achievement that has gone into making you the person that you are today.  Are you maximising that?  Are you relaxing in your dream home?  Or are you dwelling in the safety of your comfort zone?

It’s an interesting question, and somewhat ironically, it’s one which I was required to pose to myself, when writing this (and every) article.  Writing is not my trade.  It is not something that I would list as one of my key strengths.  Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) always feels like a pretty big risk.  Would I be good enough, could I write something worth reading?

The Comfort Zone is defined as a behavioural space where your activities and behaviours minimise stress and risk.  This is something that we should all recognise as being pertinent to at least one area of our life.  And this is because the creation of a comfort zone is a necessary choice for much of our daily lives.

But is it healthy in all aspects of life?   Continue reading “Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone”

Top Ten Tips for Managing Stress

manage stress

Life in 2018 is frantic – so much stress!  We are all in a hurry to get somewhere, do something, be someone.  But at what cost?  How do we go about managing stress in today’s busy world?

Feeling under pressure is often a permanent state for many women.  From the business woman with the fabulous career to the stay at home Mum who has devoted her present to looking after her children.  None of us is safe from feeling stress.

But the great news is that there are things you can do that will increase your ability to cope.  Practical solutions that help you re-focus, manage your stress and help you regain control of your life, health and wellbeing.

Here are ten things you can do to kick your stress to the kerb and move on. Continue reading “Top Ten Tips for Managing Stress”

Bite Sized Chunks – Life is like a pizza, tackle it a piece at a time!

We have all heard the phrase bite sized chunks….. as in don’t tackle the whole thing at once, break it down into manageable pieces.

Its a very flexible and accommodating phrase.  It can apply to anything from pizza to a relationship, from studying for an exam to redesigning your garden.

But have you ever considered how it could apply to your whole life?  I would guess not.

Size is Everything

Sometimes, we look at our loves and we see shortcomings – I should be more fit and healthy, my social like should be better, my life is just too….(fill in the blank).  But these statements are huge and often we put off doing anything about life because of the size of the problem we perceive exists.

So what if we were to apply the bite sized chunks principle to our lives?  Imagine your life as an extra large pizza.  Stuffing the entire pizza in your mouth at once feels akin to fixing everything that feels wrong with your life in one day doesn’t it? Continue reading “Bite Sized Chunks – Life is like a pizza, tackle it a piece at a time!”

Christmas Party Season – Should I stay or should I go?

christmas party seasonFor many of us, Christmas is a time of joy and excitement.  A warm buzz of anticipation and a sense of family or community fills us and we feel good about life.

For some people though, Christmas looms like a problem to be solved.  And not always the entire thing…just elements of it.  For example, you may love the gift giving and receiving.  You might adore the atmosphere of love and wellbeing…but loathe the more social side of the season.

Does everyone enjoy a party?

The biggest trigger for a crisis of seasonal confidence is of course the “Work Christmas Party”.  The annual get together of everyone at your place of work – perhaps with their partners.  It sounds lovely to many people and let’s be honest, it can be a huge amount of fun.  But it can also be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience for anyone with confidence issues. Continue reading “Christmas Party Season – Should I stay or should I go?”

List – The answer to all of your organisational problems. Trust me!

list and organisationThis is the time of the year when things can start to feel a little bit overwhelming.  For example, I have suddenly started to notice an increase in the number of “things I need to get done”.  And a barely perceptible but impossibly disruptive decrease in the “time I have available to get things done”.

For a start, its dark in the mornings now.  So I sleep later than I should unless I set an alarm.  That alone can cost me precious quiet moments first thing in the morning.  Time I use to do exciting things like check my emails and package up orders from my handmade business.

My husband works at home too and so we are both as bad as each other.  An extra coffee with breakfast, a quick walk of the dog, popping to the shop to buy something nice for dinner.  The available distractions are endless and they steal away my time almost by stealth.

Then there is the fact that I am a mother.  Not the most participative one it must be said.  But a mother none the less.  The autumn term is awash with parents evenings, Targets for Learning appointments, dental appointments, asthma checks, work experience meetings…..gah! Continue reading “List – The answer to all of your organisational problems. Trust me!”

Frozen in Time – The Problem with Indecision

indecision - frozen in timeMany of my clients suffer with indecision.  Often it has taken them months to decide that seeking the help of a coach is the right thing to do.  That’s before they settle on choosing to work with me and not one of the many others they have found.

Being unable to make a decision can literally bring a persons life to a standstill.

I am sure many of us can recall a time when we have struggled to make a decision, especially around the bigger aspects of life.  But imagine if you were unable to make even the smallest decision without being overrun with doubt and anxiety.  What would your life look like then? Continue reading “Frozen in Time – The Problem with Indecision”

Why Worry? Understand what you can change and shake it off

stop worrying - shake it offI have a favourite phrase that I like to use when I am speaking to someone who is experiencing worry.  Being dragged down by something that they just can’t do anything about.  I borrowed it from the song of the same name by the lovely Taylor Swift.  Shake it off.

Now before I go on, please understand that I would NEVER tell a client to “shake it off”! If someone has come to me in search of my professional support, they will get a far more robust approach than being told to shake it off I promise you.  But if I see a friend lost in worry about something and it feels right to say it, I’m saying it!

This isn’t a phrase that you should use if there is any way to materially improve a situation that you are worried about.  It doesn’t work with things like a row with your partner, a leaking tap, a car that has failed its MOT etc.  You can do something about those things.

But it works if you are worried about the political situation in your country to the point where you are losing sleep.  Or you are concerned that the hurricane that is bearing down on your next holiday destination might damage your hotel.  In both of these cases,  I’m going to tell you to shake it off.

And here’s why.   Continue reading “Why Worry? Understand what you can change and shake it off”

Stress – Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful world

Stress - Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful worldAs a coach, one of the most common reasons why people get in touch with me for help is to manage their stress levels.  In today’s fast moving and demanding world, stress and is at an all time high.

But why?  I will always be baffled by the fact that in a world where technology is supposedly making things quicker, easier, more efficient etc we all seem to be suffering a shortage of time on a far greater scale than we ever have before.

It seems though that the drive for greater efficiency in all things is also applicable to us.  We are required to be quicker, more efficient, more productive, just more…than we naturally are.  And this causes stress and anxiety.

And I’m not just talking about in a professional context.  I mean, okay, it is easy enough to imagine how this applies to someone in a high pressure job, going through a restructure and facing being replaced by a computer programme.

But can you see how this also applies to the stay at home Mum or the kid studying for their exams? Continue reading “Stress – Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful world”