Strictly Empowering Women – I am no Victim

The Strictly Curse

I love Strictly Come Dancing.  Seriously. I have the ringtone, my dog has a sequinned collar, Saturday nights are sacred.  I. Love. Strictly.

What I love less is the rumoured “Strictly Curse”.  The nonsensical theory that if you go on Strictly your relationship / marriage will die a grisly death.  The absolute certainty that you will surely have an ill-fated relationship with your celebrity dance partner.

A Sequin-Covered Bubble

There is clearly provenance here.  There have been many relationships forged through the hours of intense training that Strictly requires.  And hey, I get that.  It must be a very strange environment to exist in – like a sequin-covered bubble of glitter and sparkle and terror.

But the events of this week have surpassed anything I have ever seen in the 15 previous years of Strictly.

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Stress – Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful world

Stress - Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful worldAs a coach, one of the most common reasons why people get in touch with me for help is to manage their stress levels.  In today’s fast moving and demanding world, stress and is at an all time high.

But why?  I will always be baffled by the fact that in a world where technology is supposedly making things quicker, easier, more efficient etc we all seem to be suffering a shortage of time on a far greater scale than we ever have before.

It seems though that the drive for greater efficiency in all things is also applicable to us.  We are required to be quicker, more efficient, more productive, just more…than we naturally are.  And this causes stress and anxiety.

And I’m not just talking about in a professional context.  I mean, okay, it is easy enough to imagine how this applies to someone in a high pressure job, going through a restructure and facing being replaced by a computer programme.

But can you see how this also applies to the stay at home Mum or the kid studying for their exams? Continue reading “Stress – Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful world”

Self Esteem – Top Ten tips for rebuilding your self esteem

Self Esteem - Top Ten tips for rebuilding your self esteemWe all have our off days.  The days when we look in the mirror and aren’t so pleased with what we see, the days when we feel slightly more apologetic for ourselves than feels right.

But when that happens every day, when you never look in the mirror and feel good, when you always feel like you are a burden or a disappointment, then low self esteem or low confidence is the reason.

It is a problem that is far more common than any one of us realises.  But if you experience it for yourself, you are more likely to recognise it in other people – as I do.

My self confidence vanished over a period of three years of chronic pain, significant weight gain and total loss of purpose.  But I clawed myself back and so can you.

Here are my top ten tips for getting your mojo back… Continue reading “Self Esteem – Top Ten tips for rebuilding your self esteem”

The Simple Things – Why Self Love Matters

self loveSelf Love – What does it mean to you?  Do you feel it?  It’s not something we ever really consider and yet it is the most important question of all.

I try to do a post for the LifeRedesign Facebook page every day.  Sometimes its a quote that I have a connection with or an article that I feel has value.  My favourite are the ones that I make myself though.  I find a message or quote that resonates and then match it with an image that feels right.  As a result,I am blessed with a very creative joy in an otherwise very administrative life!

The messages are often not complicated or deep, and a recent favourite of mine is this one.

“If I asked you to name all of the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?”

Such a simple message about self love and yet so very important.

The Curse of Celebrity – Self Love Gone Too Far?

The world that we live in is largely driven by celebrity and fame these days.  And it seems that being adored by millions of strangers is of far greater importance than being loved by those close to you or…and here’s the real point…loving yourself. Continue reading “The Simple Things – Why Self Love Matters”

Self Esteem – Fragile as a delicate flower, as crucial as the air we breathe

Self Esteem - Fragile as a delicate flower, as crucial as the air we breatheMy practice is focussed on building self esteem.  I rebuilt mine and I now help others to do the same.

I recently added an image to the LifeRedesign Facebook Page and it received an unprecedented amount of interaction. It really resonated with people. It was a quote that I found online, and superimposed over a pretty image.  I knew when I made it that it felt powerful, but I could never have imagined it would have reached out as far as it did.

The quote was this – “Your value does not decrease based on someones inability to see your worth”.

As someone who has suffered from low self esteem in the past, this was a quote that I genuinely connected with. It is just so very easy to allow others to dictate how we feel about ourselves. All it takes is a careless, throw-away comment from someone to ruin an afternoon.  The slightest negativity from someone that we care about to destroy our confidence in how we look.

Self esteem is fragile, like a tiny bird or a beautifully delicate flower. Continue reading “Self Esteem – Fragile as a delicate flower, as crucial as the air we breathe”