GCSE Stress – Tips for Exam Success

Every couple of weeks I go to a local school and talk to the students about what I do.  They get to ask me questions about my role as a coach and find out about the profession.  I love it. It is a real highlight for me.

I love finding out about how kids think, what their priorities are and what they worry about.  So far this year, I have only met year 11 students (15/16 year olds) and their biggest focus is their GCSE exams and how to prepare for them.

I tell each group that I meet the same exact thing, and it occurred to me that maybe a blog post about it might help others too.

The advice I give is pretty simple – there is no science behind it.  But sometimes, the most important messages are the simplest ones.

So here it is – my guide to managing stress as you work towards your GCSE’s. Continue reading “GCSE Stress – Tips for Exam Success”

The Power of Doing Nothing – Why being still is so good for your health

power of doing nothingI have noticed something rather disturbing about myself recently.  I have become a person who cannot just sit and be still.  No longer am I able to settle into doing nothing.

If I sit down, then I reach for a device – a phone, my iPad – whatever is nearest to me.  Then I surf, check social media, play a few games of mahjong…..and there goes an hour of my life I’ll never get back!

I tell myself that as an online coach, I have good reason to be no further than six inches from the internet at any given moment of my life.  But in all honesty, is that good for me?  Nope.

And now I notice that my 15 year old son is unable to be anywhere without his earbuds in.  Constantly streaming music or chatting to his friends on Skype, FaceTime or whatever the latest and greatest app is.

So my question is, when did we lose the ability to just be still and comfortable doing nothing?  Continue reading “The Power of Doing Nothing – Why being still is so good for your health”

List – The answer to all of your organisational problems. Trust me!

list and organisationThis is the time of the year when things can start to feel a little bit overwhelming.  For example, I have suddenly started to notice an increase in the number of “things I need to get done”.  And a barely perceptible but impossibly disruptive decrease in the “time I have available to get things done”.

For a start, its dark in the mornings now.  So I sleep later than I should unless I set an alarm.  That alone can cost me precious quiet moments first thing in the morning.  Time I use to do exciting things like check my emails and package up orders from my handmade business.

My husband works at home too and so we are both as bad as each other.  An extra coffee with breakfast, a quick walk of the dog, popping to the shop to buy something nice for dinner.  The available distractions are endless and they steal away my time almost by stealth.

Then there is the fact that I am a mother.  Not the most participative one it must be said.  But a mother none the less.  The autumn term is awash with parents evenings, Targets for Learning appointments, dental appointments, asthma checks, work experience meetings…..gah! Continue reading “List – The answer to all of your organisational problems. Trust me!”

Frozen in Time – The Problem with Indecision

indecision - frozen in timeMany of my clients suffer with indecision.  Often it has taken them months to decide that seeking the help of a coach is the right thing to do.  That’s before they settle on choosing to work with me and not one of the many others they have found.

Being unable to make a decision can literally bring a persons life to a standstill.

I am sure many of us can recall a time when we have struggled to make a decision, especially around the bigger aspects of life.  But imagine if you were unable to make even the smallest decision without being overrun with doubt and anxiety.  What would your life look like then? Continue reading “Frozen in Time – The Problem with Indecision”

Using a Journal – How a notebook can help to change your life

Using a Journal - How a notebook can help to change your lifeIn my last post talked about ten ways that you can boost your self esteem.  The post closed with the suggestion that it would be beneficial to get a journal to record your journey.  But how would a journal help you?

Using a journal allows you to capture how you are feeling on a regular basis.  You can note down as much or as little information as you wish on a frequency that suits you.  You can use it to simply record your day or you can make specific notes about feelings or activities etc, depending on what you are hoping to achieve.

I would always aim for daily notes as this provides you with focus.  It also offers a clear path as you move the the process of improving your self esteem.

Suggestions for  daily content include: Continue reading “Using a Journal – How a notebook can help to change your life”

Motivation to Succeed – Take things one step at a time

Take things one step at a time

If you are like the majority of the world (including me), you will have woken this morning with a sense that there are five whole days until the next weekend. It can seem like a mountain to climb for sure.

But here’s a little something that may surprise you. Mondays are actually the day on which we are at our most motivated!

Think about it. Monday is very often the day that we decide to start the new diet, or begin our new exercise regime, or do anything that requires a fresh start. Continue reading “Motivation to Succeed – Take things one step at a time”