Life Coaching – Lifting the lid on one of the UK’s fastest growing industries

Life Coaching - Lifting the lid on one of the UK's fastest growing industriesLife Coaching is becoming more and more popular all over the world.  As a result, there is now a huge number of coaches out there to choose from.

But why do people work with a life coach?  What is the benefit?

Well, in a world where there is infinite distraction, extremely high expectations and a constant drive for speed and efficiency, it can sometimes be hard to keep up.  A lot of the time, people look for a coach simply to help them to sort out their priorities.

Being asked to help someone work out their direction in life is one of the most common enquiries I receive.  And often it is only because there are so many conflicting priorities and options available to them.  They don’t know which way to turn. Continue reading “Life Coaching – Lifting the lid on one of the UK’s fastest growing industries”

Strictly Empowering Women – I am no Victim

The Strictly Curse

I love Strictly Come Dancing.  Seriously. I have the ringtone, my dog has a sequinned collar, Saturday nights are sacred.  I. Love. Strictly.

What I love less is the rumoured “Strictly Curse”.  The nonsensical theory that if you go on Strictly your relationship / marriage will die a grisly death.  The absolute certainty that you will surely have an ill-fated relationship with your celebrity dance partner.

A Sequin-Covered Bubble

There is clearly provenance here.  There have been many relationships forged through the hours of intense training that Strictly requires.  And hey, I get that.  It must be a very strange environment to exist in – like a sequin-covered bubble of glitter and sparkle and terror.

But the events of this week have surpassed anything I have ever seen in the 15 previous years of Strictly.

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Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Living in your comfort zone

Imagine spending thousands of pounds to build a beautiful home, that is everything your dreamed it could be….and then not living in it.  Crazy right? Now imagine the investment of time, effort and achievement that has gone into making you the person that you are today.  Are you maximising that?  Are you relaxing in your dream home?  Or are you dwelling in the safety of your comfort zone?

It’s an interesting question, and somewhat ironically, it’s one which I was required to pose to myself, when writing this (and every) article.  Writing is not my trade.  It is not something that I would list as one of my key strengths.  Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) always feels like a pretty big risk.  Would I be good enough, could I write something worth reading?

The Comfort Zone is defined as a behavioural space where your activities and behaviours minimise stress and risk.  This is something that we should all recognise as being pertinent to at least one area of our life.  And this is because the creation of a comfort zone is a necessary choice for much of our daily lives.

But is it healthy in all aspects of life?   Continue reading “Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone”

Goals – Seize the Moment! Stop Thinking about it! Do Something Today!

Stop Chasing your goals - Catch them!

Are you ready to seize the moment and make progress towards your goals?

Every spring I feel a sense of renewal – an overwhelming desire to refresh everything in my life.  The birds seems noisier, the plants are all waking up and the days seem brighter.  But Spring only happens once a year.  So how do we keep that sense of determination going all through the year?

And what if you have a thing that you have always wanted but just never got around to it?  Something that you can’t shake off.  A goal or dream that just won’t go away or a nagging question that you need to have the answer to?

Lets spend a few moments tackling the need to seize the moment. Continue reading “Goals – Seize the Moment! Stop Thinking about it! Do Something Today!”

Considering a Life Coach – Here’s what to expect and why

life coach top tenFollowing on from an earlier post about why people might want to use a Life Coach, I thought it would be useful to outline what to expect from a coach.  Many people aren’t clear on what a coach does, how it works or what to expect.  Hopefully this ten point list will help to clarify things: Continue reading “Considering a Life Coach – Here’s what to expect and why”

Stress – Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful world

Stress - Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful worldAs a coach, one of the most common reasons why people get in touch with me for help is to manage their stress levels.  In today’s fast moving and demanding world, stress and is at an all time high.

But why?  I will always be baffled by the fact that in a world where technology is supposedly making things quicker, easier, more efficient etc we all seem to be suffering a shortage of time on a far greater scale than we ever have before.

It seems though that the drive for greater efficiency in all things is also applicable to us.  We are required to be quicker, more efficient, more productive, just more…than we naturally are.  And this causes stress and anxiety.

And I’m not just talking about in a professional context.  I mean, okay, it is easy enough to imagine how this applies to someone in a high pressure job, going through a restructure and facing being replaced by a computer programme.

But can you see how this also applies to the stay at home Mum or the kid studying for their exams? Continue reading “Stress – Learning to protect yourself from an increasingly stressful world”

Make the Decision and OWN IT! Stop giving yourself a hard time!

make a decision and own it

We all do it to a certain extent.  Wrestle with a decision, maybe seeking advice from others we trust.  Then we make the decision and spend the next few hours, days or even weeks giving ourselves a hard time because of that decision.

A common scenario in my life at least is around exercise.  We have a cross trainer and I go through phases of using it.  I always go on it first thing in the morning, logic being that I then only require one shower rather than two.

But there are always days when I cannot be bothered.  When it’s too cold (the cross trainer lives in our garage), or I’m too tired, or I’m too busy or the wind is blowing in the wrong direction…you get the idea. Continue reading “Make the Decision and OWN IT! Stop giving yourself a hard time!”

Self Confidence – Are you brave enough to be you?

Self Confidence - Are you brave enough to be you?I love making images with quotes for the Life Redesign UK Instagram account.  It is one of the more creative perks of my rather brilliant job.  And every now and then, I make one that I love a bit more than the others simply because it resonates with me.  Like this one which speaks of self confidence.

There is the obvious cuteness that it is a quote by a Disney character.  But that aside, it is one of those phrases that make you stop and think for a moment.

For the most part, I am comfortable with who I am but it hasn’t always been the case.  Certainly when I was much younger, it was hard to tell who I was on any given day.  I busily worked my way through various identities trying to find the one that fit me best.

That’s pretty common teen behaviour right?  We watch as young people sample the benefits of being a goth or a cheerleader.  As theyform relationships (platonic and romantic) that might best be described as ill-advised.  It’s all part of the rich tapestry of life and we know that eventually they will discover their self confidence, settle on who they are and a path will unfurl for them.

But what if we get to adulthood and we still aren’t confident in who we really are?  Continue reading “Self Confidence – Are you brave enough to be you?”

Starting a Diet? Consider your mindset and boost your success!

Starting a Diet? Consider your mindset and boost your success!There are very few of us who haven’t tried to lose weight or diet at some stage in our lives.  It is something that a huge number of us can claim to have in common.  But is is also a fact that some of us are better and more successful at it than others.

But why is this?  There are many different variables that we can consider.  The choice of diet, the length of the diet or the starting weight (the theory that the more you have to lose, the easier it is to lose at first).  Perhaps it’s the amount of exercise that is done with the diet.  There is a big list.

These are all very valid reasons why one person may be more successful in their diet mission than another person.

But there is one reason that very few people acknowledge even though it is without doubt the biggest single influence on the success or failure of plan to lose weight.  Mindset  Continue reading “Starting a Diet? Consider your mindset and boost your success!”

Coaching online – What it is and why it can work for you

Coaching online - What it is and why it can work for youWhat do you imagine a meeting with a counsellor or life coach looks like?  Perhaps you would call to mind an image of two people, sat in a very smart office.  There you would find two chairs, maybe a desk, a box of tissues and maybe a bunch of flowers or a bowl of sweets.  That is the traditional image.

But in an age where technology is advancing and time is ever more stretched for most people (which baffles me by the way…surely if technology is making life easier, we should be getting less busy…anyway…sorry….) the need to find a convenient way in which to deliver therapy and coaching becomes more pressing. Continue reading “Coaching online – What it is and why it can work for you”