Self Employment – Living the Dream or a Total Nightmare?

Self employment dream or nightmare

Having been away for a few days, I think it is fair to say that I am struggling to catch up with things at work. Self employment is by no means a fairytale of time freedom and a carefree existence. There is so much that you need to think about and it extends far beyond the things that might feel obvious for a coach to worry about.  

For example, to run a business these days, you need to have a strong social media presence. That means you have to have a strategy…yep….an actual strategy about what to post and when!

You need to keep on top of what you are spending, who you are talking to, building your network, developing your products. And for me, this is all on top of talking to clients and planning sessions!

Being your own boss is as exhausting as it is exhilarating. And if I am being honest, sometimes it is just plain exhausting!

A Mixed Bag of Emotions

I talk to many self employed superstars each week through my networking groups and we all seem to feel the same way. It’s tough, it can be lonely….and it can be the greatest decision you ever made.  

These days, there are ever growing numbers of people – and especially Mum’s – who want to create their own business and be independent. Being able to be at home with their children may be the motivator. Perhaps it is about dropping the 9 to 5 that we all love to hate. For some, like me, there are health issues that need to be accommodated.

Our motivations for creating our own financial independence vary as much as the ways that we choose to go about it. I have seen so many amazing business concepts through my networking groups. There is such a rich pool of talent and creativity out there.

So what are the characteristics that you need to be a candidate for self employment success?

I can honestly only think of two. Clarity and Persistence.


In order to increase your chances of success, you need to be brutally clear on what you are doing and why. If you have a vague idea about what you could do, then you will only have a vague idea how to do it. That vague-ness will mean that you have no focus, no line of sight and no real chance of lasting success.

Being clear about what you are aiming for and why isn’t always something that comes naturally. It may be that you need to have a chat with someone to work out what your goals are. Using a coach for this purpose is exactly what coaches are here for in fact. Taking a blank slate and creating a blueprint for your future.


Once you have your business idea and you are clear on why you want to do it, you are ready to make a start. But be warned – the entrepreneurial road is bumpy!  And this is where persistence comes in. You need to be able to overcome the days when it all feels like too much. You will undoubtedly need the ability to push through the periods where business is slow and plan for your future success.  

Don’t get me wrong, there will be periods of absolute joy and achievement. Making your first sale, securing your first contract, handing in your notice at the job you have grown to hate. These are all moments that will rightly make your heart sing.  

But persistence is going to be critical to steer you through the first few years of business. Your mindset will be key to your success.

The Right Support

Using a coach can make a huge difference to your self employment mindset and help you to grow and maintain the confidence that you need to keep yourself focussed and winning.  Spending an hour each month discussing your goals and successes, your barriers and concerns could be time well spent.

I travel the bumpy entrepreneurial road and I am grateful for the support and coaching that has kept me going.  And there is a HUGE amount of support out there aside from coaching. Facebook is packed with fantastic networking groups like the Business Mums Network. Here you will find a growing number of likeminded women who will support you push you forward.  

If you have been thinking about starting your own self employment journey but lack the confidence to make the first move, why not get in touch? I offer a free 30 minute chat to anyone considering coaching and would love to have a chat with you (without obligation) to see what you want out of life and how we can make it happen. Try me. Because if I can learn to successfully travel this entrepreneurial road, then so can you.

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