New Year’s Resolutions in February…Anyone?

New Years Resolution RIP

Let’s start with a question….how many new year’s resolutions did you make and how many of them made it into February?

Good Intentions

If you are anything like me, then you made a couple that felt do-able and (to my shame) neither of them made it as far as the end of January.  And this realisation creates an immediate sense of failure doesn’t it.  We start the year with so many good intentions and yet less than 1/12th of the way in, we’ve reverted back to our 2018 state.

Personally, my resolutions were to eat less rubbish and lose a few pounds plus go on my cross trainer three times. week.  I started well.  Lost 5 pounds in the three weeks and managed two and a half weeks of cross training sessions.  But then it all started to drift.  The excuses started to waft into my mind.

It’s too cold to go on the cross trainer (it lives in the garage), it’s too cold to eat salad (I think that’s fair to be honest!), I have too many things on my mind to worry about losing weight….the list goes on.

A Different Approach

So by the third week of January, I was back to my sedentary lifestyle and eating too many digestive biscuits than could ever be viewed as healthy.  But did I give myself a hard time?

Well – actually – no.  I decided to respect my need for warmth in both a physical and food-related sense.  It occurred to me that there were other ways that I could improve myself that did not involve freezing my arse off in the garage at 7.30am three mornings a week or eating a plate of leaves whilst my family tucked into lovely hot meals.

Instead I embarked on a path of spiritual development instead.  A few well chosen books about keeping myself focussed on the present, accepting who I am and learning to live with love and compassion have replaced the cross trainer and the calorie controlled diet.

Wobbly Thighs

So yes, I did fail to stick to my new years resolutions (“bad coach!” I hear you say) and yes, my body is still a little heavier than I might prefer and not as toned as I would like.  But my mind is feeling good.  My soul is feeling amazing.  I am at peace with who I am – wobbly thighs included.

Perhaps a better resolution for me would have been to improve my overall wellbeing in 2019?

And how about you?

How are your resolutions going?  If like me, you have lapsed back to 2018-like standards and are feeling a bit down on yourself, why not take a moment to consider what other improvements you have made in the first 5 weeks of 2019.  Don’t be put off if you can’t see anything obvious.  Look hard.  Because somewhere in your day to day life, there will be something.  Possibly so tiny you missed it.  Something that has pushed you forward in some way already this year.

It could be a choice, a conversation, a book, a new outlook – literally anything.

Don’t Lose Heart

Resolutions at the new year are a natural inclination.  We all want to continually evolve and improve.  But if you have failed to stick to the specific resolutions you made on 1st January, don’t lose heart.  There are countless ways to drive ourselves forward and make our lives better and they don’t have to be spoken aloud on the 1st day of the year to be valid.

Be proud of every little thing you do to improve yourself, your own life, or the lives of those people you care most about.  Because those are the improvements that count.

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