Indecision – Free yourself from procrastination and feel the joy!

indecision and procrastination I speak to a lot of people who suffer from the inability to take action.  Known as indecision or procrastination, you may recognise it as an overwhelming inability to get something done.  This is because every time you think you might do it, your mind tells you not to.

It can be subtle and you might not even realise it, but there is something holding you back from getting a decision made, doing something that needs doing etc.

I have a tendency to procrastinate but I am making an effort to be more decisive and determined – and its making a big difference to my life!  Making lists and working through them means that things get done and I feel far less burdened by “stuff”.

I was talking to a client last week and the perfect analogy occurred to me and since then, I have used it a few times on  different, indecision-suffering clients (and my husband!) and with a good response.  So I thought I would share it with you….

Feel the weight of your indecision

Imagine if you will, that you are carrying a back pack around on your back.  Its invisible obviously so don’t get too caught up on the colour or brand etc.

In the backpack is a heavy rock for every “thing” that you are procrastinating over.  A large, heavy rock for every bit of “stuff” that you are putting off.

Add up all of those rocks and you are carrying a HUGE amount of weight!  Imagine carrying all of that weight with your every step that you take, for days and weeks at a time.

Now imagine that you take one of those rocks/decisions and you deal with it.  What happens?  Your backpack gets lighter and easier to carry!

Imagine now that you have resolved and deal with every rock in your backpack.  Can you feel the relief at not having to carry all of that weight around with you any more?  Can you imagine how much faster you would walk, how much taller you would stand?

Every “thing” that you put off and delay dealing with is mental clutter.  Its additional mental weight that you have to carry, creating indecision.

Deal with those things that you have been putting off.  Make those phone calls.   Pay those bills.   Cut that lawn.  Do that chore.

Feel yourself get lighter and more free with every heavy, imaginary , procrastinating rock you take out of your imaginary procrastination backpack.

Claim your life back!

If you struggle with indecision and you would like some help to become more decisive and in control of your life, why not book a free consultation and see how things can improve for you.

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