Royal Baby Backlash – Has Kate Middleton let the side down?

Women turn on kate middleton

Who would want to be Kate Middleton today?

In the last few days, the country has been buzzing with news about the royal baby.  He arrived on Monday and faced a barrage of photographers and reporters at the tender age of less than 6 hours!

William and Kate walked out of the hospital, baby wrapped in a blanket to protect him from the breeze.  As expected Kate looked immaculate.  The reporters shouted questions, cameras flashed and everyone there got what they came for.

The following day, every newspaper carried images of the three of them, and congratulations came flooding in from across the globe.  

But then…as the dust settled…things start to turn nasty.  Social media begins to criticise Kate for looking “too good”, for setting an unrealistic benchmark for other women who have just given birth.  It gathers pace and the media begin to report it, the daytime TV picks it up and presenters share their own post-birth pictures to reinforce the point.

And all of this forces me to ask the question – why the backlash?

I mean, what is Kate Middleton supposed to do? 

Come out of the hospital in jogging bottoms and a t-shirt?  Hair tied in a messy pony tail with no make up and a bit of baby sick on her shoulder?

Should she have stayed in hospital and waited for an “acceptable” amount of time to pass before she can come out without fear of reproach and take her baby home?

Should she have slipped out of the back door of the hospital and gone home?  Therefore leaving the worlds press to stand there.  Have them wait pointlessly until they realised that she had left and then risk the criticism that would surely follow?

This woman is the future queen.  She is married to a Prince, she lives in a palace, she has a life of privilege and luxury.  But she also lives under a microscope.  Every moment of her life is public property.  Rules and tradition govern her every move.

She had no choice but to walk out of the hospital looking the way she did.  And I applaud her for it.  I mean – does anyone actually believe that the first thing a mother wants to do with their newborn baby is parade it in front of the worlds press?

The saddest part of all of this is that it is actually women who are criticising Kate.  Women who believe she has let “the side” down….What “side” though?

Shouldn’t we be building each other up?

My business is to build women up.  It is to create a sense of self belief and confidence with every woman I work with.  I focus on to enabling them to see their beauty and value and to shine.  When I see such clear examples of women tearing each other down, it makes me feel so very sad.

Women should be working together, celebrating our diversity and strength.  We should be highlighting the bravery and tenacity of our spirit, the determination and ambition that we share, the power that we hold.  

How does that translate into pillorying a woman who is carrying out the role she is required to play?

Which of us could claim that we have never made an effort to look better than we truly feel when the need arose?  Who amongst us can hold their hand up and swear they have never tried to look good when their body ached or their heart was broken?

If any of those women who are critiquing the Kate Middleton had been required to face the worlds press within 6 hours of giving birth, I am prepared to bet they would have made an effort to look their absolute best.

So how about we stop the bitching, the criticism and the negativity – and instead we celebrate the strength?

I think Kate Middleton looked incredible and I applaud her for it.

How about we focus on celebrating the fact that women are capable of anything they set their minds to.  And that includes looking fabulous a few hours after giving birth if the need arises.  And build a strength around us that our daughters and granddaughters will so badly need in the future.

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