Confidence Unlocked

This self study course offers the tools and techniques to show you how it is possible to grab life by the balls and never apologise for yourself again. Using my own personal experience along with tried and tested methodology, I will lead you through a process of discovery as you realise that the world is your oyster and you can be anything or anyone that you want to be.

Delivered by email, over 28 days, this course can be started at any time and there are two levels of support available.

You can simply purchase the course, work through it at your pace and never look back or you can add two 30 minute sessions with me (perhaps one before you start and one at the end, or a full hour at the end - it's up to you!).

£45 for the course

£75 for the course and 2 x 30 minute (or 1 x 60 minute) sessions

Please register your interest and as soon as the course is launched, you will be contacted with details of how to sign up.