Stop Chasing Your Dream – It’s Time to Catch It!

Stop Chasing your Dreams - Catch them!

Every spring I feel a sense of renewal – an overwhelming desire to refresh everything in my life.  The birds seems noisier, the plants are all waking up and the days seem brighter.  But Spring only happens once a year, and so how do we keep that sense of determination and the need to renew and refresh going all through the year?

And what if – and we all have one of these – you have something that you have always wanted to do but just never got around to it?  Something that you can’t shake off, a dream that just won’t go away or a nagging question that you need to have the answer to?

Lets spend a few moments tackling the need to seize the moment. Continue reading “Stop Chasing Your Dream – It’s Time to Catch It!”

How to be Kind to Yourself – Five Top Tips

We are all so busy these days, running here and there, worrying about our children or our partners, our parents or employers.  There is so much pressure to be something to so many people and it is often far too easy to forget about ourselves in the midst of all that chaos.

The sad fact is that when you ask someone who they love most in the world, they will rarely mention themselves in the top 20 of who they list.

We can trudge along like this for weeks, maybe even months, but eventually there will come a moment when you truly feel in your heart that you need to look after you – even just for a moment.

To put you first.

And there is no shame in it.  In my opinion, we should always take care of ourselves in order to ensure that we are the strongest we can possibly be to look after those around us that we care about.

So how can you do it.  How can you be kind to yourself? Continue reading “How to be Kind to Yourself – Five Top Tips”

The Power of Now – A Revelation

I am not a huge fan of self-help books and those I have read over the years have left me feeling underwhelmed and without any lasting sense of change or improvement that I can recall.  I no longer seek them out and never recommend them to my clients.

But one Sunday morning in January, I was lying in bed, listening to the radio and the DJ and her guest (the names of whom I cannot recall) casually mentioned a book that they had both read and that had changed their lives.  I was about to go away to a cottage without any internet or phone signal for seven days and so I popped online and ordered the book, simply for something to do while I was away.

The book in question is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and it arrived the next day, I packed it away and gave it no further thought until I arrived at my cottage the following weekend.

In the interests of full disclosure I will now admit the following: Continue reading “The Power of Now – A Revelation”

Negative Self Talk – How to Silence the Voice Within

Following on from my last post about Negative Self Talk and how to recognise it, I have been asked to take things one step further and write about how you can work on silencing the self talk and reclaim your self confidence again.

It seems that this is an issue that faces many of us, and one which is limiting and in some cases demoralising.  Support to overcome it is available – one of the things that LifeRedesign specialises in is rebuilding self esteem – but there are steps you can take immediately that will help to alleviate the issue.

A common mistake that many people make is forced positive thinking – this creates a sense of unachievable pressure, and leads to an immediate sense of failure.  Many well-meaning friends and family may suggest this as an action to help, but in reality, the only way to beat the negative voice within is to face it head on and challenge it.

And so to the solution – Identify, Assess, Reframe Continue reading “Negative Self Talk – How to Silence the Voice Within”

What is Negative Self Talk

We all have it.  That persistent inner voice that narrates our existence and tells us what to think and what to feel.   It can be a useful guide and motivator.  It can help us navigate a difficult path or reinforce the joy of a positive experience.  Like having your own personal cheerleader.  But what happens when that inner voice decides to turn against you?  What happens if your cheerleader decides to change team? Continue reading “What is Negative Self Talk”

Procrastination – Free Yourself!

I speak to a lot of people who suffer from the inability to take action.  Known as procrastination, you may recognise it as an overwhelming inability to get something done because every time you think you might do it, your mind tells you not to.

It can be subtle and you might not even realise it, but there is something holding you back from getting a decision made, doing something that needs doing etc.

I have a tendency to procrastinate but I am making an effort to be more decisive and determined – and its making a big difference to my life!  Making lists and working through them means that things get done and I feel far less burdened by “stuff”.

I was talking to a client last week and the perfect analogy occurred to me and since then, I have used it a few times on  different, procrastination-suffering clients (and my husband!) and with a good response.  So I thought I would share it with you…. Continue reading “Procrastination – Free Yourself!”

My Story Part 2 – A Journey Beyond Chronic Pain

Part one of my story was shared in the previous post and if you have arrived on this one without having seen the first, it might be a good idea to take a look otherwise this isn’t going to make a lot of sense!

We left things at the point where I had decided to stop taking my medication with a view to finding out how much of what I was experiencing was down to me and how much was the effects of the medication.

The doctor agreed that this was a good idea as long as I was open to the possibility that I would have to go back on the meds if things got worse.  I wasn’t open to that but decided he didn’t need to know that until we crossed that bridge so to speak.

I started a managed reduction in December 2016 and took my very last pill on 24th February 2017.  I did not experience any increase in pain or other symptoms and after a couple of bumpy and emotional weeks, I was definitely feeling more like my old self.

That was the point at which I decided to look in the mirror and assess what I saw.  It wasn’t pretty…. Continue reading “My Story Part 2 – A Journey Beyond Chronic Pain”

My Story – A Journey into Chronic Pain

Having written a few blog posts about what I do, it seems to me that it is about time I shared a little about myself, about what drives me, what inspires me.

It’s pretty simple really – chronic pain (Yes, I know the title of the article was a major spoiler…sorry).

Up until 2013, my life was pretty text-book ordinary.  I had a great job, that I loved even though I acted like I didn’t.  I had a big house, a sports car, nice clothes in a dress size I was pretty happy with, a cute son and a fulfilling marriage.  The picture that accompanies this post is me back in the days when this was my life.

Three breast lumps that eventually turned out to be nothing to worry about, a burglary whilst we slept upstairs and bit of a breakdown later, I started to experience abdominal pain. Continue reading “My Story – A Journey into Chronic Pain”

The Pizza of Life (Nom Nom)

We have all heard the phrase “bite sized chunks”….. as in don’t tackle the whole thing at once, break it down into manageable pieces.

Its a very flexible and accommodating phrase.  It can apply to anything from pizza to a relationship, from studying for an exam to redesigning your garden.

But have you ever considered how it could apply to your whole life?  I would guess not.

Sometimes, we look at our loves and we see shortcomings – I should be more fit and healthy, my social like should be better, my life is just too….(fill in the blank).  But these statements are huge and often we put off doing anything about life because of the size of the problem we perceive exists.

So what if we were to apply the Bite Sized Chunks principle to our lives?  Imagine your life as an extra large pizza.  Stuffing the entire pizza in your mouth at once feels akin to fixing everything that feels wrong with your life in one day doesn’t it? Continue reading “The Pizza of Life (Nom Nom)”

The Importance of Satellites

Today (11th Dec) is National Mountain Day here in the UK and as part of the celebrations for this, there has been an announcement that scientists have confirmed that the UK has a new “tallest mountain” in its territories.

Now I know that this is not the kind of subject that you expect to see me write about but please, stick with me here because there is a point to this, I promise!

So the new tallest mountain in the UK-owned territories is called Mount Hope.  It turns out that she is a full 55 metres taller than anyone had ever thought she was.  She’s been measured before by people with all sorts of clever equipment that they hauled up to the summit.  But now with the use of satellites, it seems that she had been significantly under-estimated.

This made me think – not so much about mountains – but about us and how we can so often make an assessment of ourselves or others that falls so far short of the reality. Continue reading “The Importance of Satellites”